The Research Focus Empirical Visual Aesthetics (EVAlab), was founded in 2004 by Helmut Leder and is recognized as the earliest department with a specific research focus on Visual Empirical Aesthetics. Only recently similar initiatives have emerged elsewhere (MPI Frankfurt, Goldsmith, NYU). Over twelve years, the Research Focus established a unique research team and network in the field of visual aesthetics, and now holds a role of international leadership in psychological empirical art research with numerous important publications pioneering empirical approaches (physiology of art emotion, fluency and art, face beauty, museum studies, art and health, eye-tracking) and theoretical modeling of aesthetic experience. No other group has in fact established more theoretical contributions on the state-of-the-art in psychological aesthetics with leading models for viewing art (Leder et al., 2004; Leder & Nadal, 2014), as well as more neuroscientifically grounded models, published in prestigious journals. The EVAlab has also been host to a number of researchers in empirical aesthetics, serving as a central hub for research in this emerging area.

 EVA Lab News

We are hiring!

We are hiring 2 new PhDs to start in September here in the EVA-LAB from 01.09.2022 onward!
Supervised by me and Helmut Leder!
Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think would be suited for a PhD in Aesthetics!

Short text:

Are you interested in doing a PhD in Aesthetics?
We are hiring 2 PhDs to start in September at the EVA-LAB in Vienna.
You would be an excellent fit if you (1) have a strong interested in empirical aesthetics, (2) are motivated to pursue an academic career, (3) have programming skills (e.g. R or Python), (4) either have experience in working with (mobile) eye-tracking (outside of the lab) and/or experience sampling/daily diary studies or are willing to learn, (5) are able to come up with creative original ideas, and (6) are able to work independently and collaborate well with others. We offer a stimulating research environment within the EVA-lab specifically—existing of a mix of PhD students as well as post-docs at varying stages of their career—and the Faculty of Psychology generally. We are an internationally oriented lab with an intact social climate and a combined wealth of experience. In addition, we offer well-equipped labs (e.g., (mobile) eye-tracking, FNIRS, EEG, facial EMG, TMS, fMRI (in the department) as well as variety of options for behavior methods.
Please send us: 1) a letter of motivation including a description of your research interests (max 2 pages), 2) Academic curriculum vitae, 3) Copy of your thesis, and 4) 2 letters of reference.

Deadline for applications: 8th June!

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