Visual stimulus familiarity and generalization effects: An experimental examination of mediating factors.

Authors/others:Tinio, Pablo; Leder, Helmut
Abstract:Previous studies have shown that familiarization to a visual stimulus positively influences its subsequent judgment (e.g., Zajonc, 1968). However, the relationship between familiarization and aesthetic evaluation is complex, with several studies demonstrating that factors such as the characteristics of the stimulus can influence this relationship (e.g., Berlyne, 1970; Bornstein, 1989). The present experimental study investigated the interplay between familiarization to visual stimuli and participants¿ subsequent aesthetic judgment of them. The stimuli varied mainly in terms of complexity and symmetry characteristics. Judgment analyses of each participant were conducted according to the framework employed by Jacobsen and Höfel (2002) and Jacobsen (2004)., Englisch
Date of publication:2007
Journal title:Unknown Journal
Peer reviewed:true
Publication Type:Meeting abstract/Conference paper